An increasing number of enterprises are now evaluating outsourced colocation options to replace their internal IT rooms. Because many colocation buyers are evaluating colocation for the first time, Cologix developed The Colocation Buyer’s Guide and Checklist – a framework and comparison tool to help guide buyers through their IT management decision-making process.

The guide will help colocation buyers identify industry standards and understand the types of colocation services available to them. The checklist will also help buyers prioritize which colocation services are most important to their unique business needs, as well as compare service offerings across different colocation providers. The new tool empowers buyers to ask the right questions so they can make more informed IT management decisions.

“Deciding how to manage IT infrastructure is not easy,” said Graham Williams, chief commercial officer, Cologix. “That’s why we created this informative guide and checklist — to help those currently evaluating whether outsourcing their IT rooms is the right fit for their business. To develop this guide, we’ve leveraged Cologix’s years of experience providing leading colocation and interconnection services. We’ve also included insight and feedback from our customers and partners.”

Designed to support colocation buyers throughout their entire evaluation process, the guide is structured as a 5-10-15 playbook. It outlines five common challenges in IT infrastructure management that often drive enterprises to consider colocation, 10 benefits of colocation, and 15 questions buyers should ask when evaluating providers. The additional comparison checklist makes it easier to find a colocation partner that best fits each colocation buyer’s power, reliability, security, access, and network interconnection needs.

The Colocation Buyer’s Guide and Checklist is available now on Cologix’s new website, “Through, we want to create savvier colocation and interconnection buyers,” said Williams. “Along with the new Buyer’s Guide, other resources designed to help buyers make more informed IT management decisions will be shared on the website.”