RF Code has appointed SPIE Integrated Connectivity Solutions (SPIE-ICS), a European leader in electrical, mechanical, HVAC, energy, and communication system services, as an EMEA Value Added Reseller (VAR). This is the latest in a spate of facilities service companies driving data center improvement in the enterprise with RF Code.

Kees Verlaan, data centers director at SPIE-ICS said, “It is crucial that enterprises have an accurate view of their environment. Asset management based on information that is only 75% correct will result in operational and business failure. RF Code provides a reliable, real-time solution, including hardware and management software that easily integrates into broader DCIM, BMS and ITSM platforms. This is ideal for our customers.”

Recognizing the growth occurring in EMEA, SPIE-ICS took the decision to strengthen its existing two-year relationship with RF Code by becoming a full VAR partner. This will allow SPIE-ICS to improve its data centre market position and maximize the sales opportunities evident in the EMEA data center market.

Richard Jenkins, VP of Worldwide Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at RF Code said, “SPIE-ICS’ business touches many industries throughout Europe, especially data centers. From the retro-fitting of existing infrastructure, to the building of sustainable new facilities, this partnership will see many more large companies benefit from advanced methods of reducing power, saving money and improving efficiency.”