C&D Technologies has announced a follow up to its newly released Liberty DCS Product Line. This new Liberty DCS line is a 2 Volt series of VRLA batteries for both float duty, and cycling duty service with capacities from 900 to 1,834 ampere-hours.

This latest product addition incorporates C&D’s industry leading DCS cycling technology along with the newly released Nano-Carbon™ technology to enhance cycle performance and partial state of charge (PSoC) performance. “The Liberty DCS adds a higher capacity product to the highly successful DCS 12V VRLA product line, allowing customers to now deploy individual cells up to 1834 ampere-hours while reducing their string count for the cycling market utilizing our new, cycle enhancing Nano-Carbon™ technology”, stated Jay Frankhouser, Director of Product Management of C&D.

System integrator and Liberty DCS customer Bill Rasmussen of Atlantic Battery Systems located in Patterson New Jersey noted, “We chose the Liberty DCS 100LC27FR for a hybrid renewable energy project that needed a long life, deep cycle VRLA battery system capable of operating in occasional PSoC. The Liberty DCS battery with Next Generation Nano-Carbon technology was perfect for this application.”

The modular, Liberty DCS system has unlimited configurations and the front terminal design with the patented C&D Ohmic Ring® provides for fast installation and easy, accurate, ohmic and voltage measurements.