ABB has released a free trial version of its Decathlon for Data Centers software to enable data center staff to evaluate Decathlon’s capabilities for monitoring their critical power path at no cost. Similar to Preview for Power Meters, this Preview for Power Distribution demonstrates how data center managers can resolve the complexities of integrating the performance data of all the equipment in their data center infrastructure into a single operational view. Preview for Power Distribution, can interface with and monitor up to 50 Cyberex® Remote Power Panels (RPP) and ABB’s online three-phase Uninterruptable Power Supply(UPS) units* to analyze power consumption patterns and overall system performance.

ABB Decathlon for Data Centers provides industrial-grade tools to manage a flexible network of power, cooling and IT systems for maximum reliability, energy efficiency and optimal utilization of all data center assets. Decathlon for Data Centers Preview trial software is designed to provide hands-on experience with a specific feature of Decathlon, the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system. Preview for Power Distribution is the second in a series of free trial downloads.

Companies can obtain  Preview for Power Distribution, at no cost, through a secure download from the Decathlon for Data Centers web page. The trial version monitors as many as 50 Cyberex Remote power panels and ABB online three-phase UPS units, while the full version of Decathlon for Data Centers can monitor thousands of these devices.

“Evaluating Preview for Power Distribution is a simple and cost-free way to discover how easily the critical power path of the entire data center can be monitored with Decathlon for Data Centers,” said Rich Ungar, business manager for Decathlon for Data Centers in North America at ABB. “IT professionals, facility architects and facility managers can try the product and experience the ease of integration, the user interface and the convenience of having this data at their fingertips, in a single operational view.”

Like the full version, Preview for Power Distribution displays the data in ready-made dashboards, such as RPP monitoring (per panel and branch circuit); power current indication (kW, kVA, power factor and total harmonic distortion); over-limit condition state indicators; UPS power flow diagram with power, voltage and current indication; and battery string and cell power indication.

The complete Decathlon for Data Centers system allows users to create more dashboards, use preconfigured or custom reports, with aggregated results from other power-related data. Decathlon Preview for Power Distribution allows up to 3 users to simultaneously access performance data from Web browsers supporting HTML 5. Snapshots of the captured data can be exported to a Microsoft Excel® comma-separated value file for use in reporting.

*formerly Newave