ABB has released a medium-voltage uninterrupted power supply series called the PCS100 MV UPS, which is designed to provide large critical process industries and data centers centralized UPS protection with multi-megawatt ratings and typical efficiency of 99.5%. The product will initially be launched in China, where the country’s high technology industries rely on massive levels of power.UPS from ABB

Although the PCS100 MV UPS is industrially rated it is also targeted towards mega-size data centers, which are increasingly being developed to satisfy expansive growth in cloud computing and colocation services. The PCS100 MV UPS is also applicable for retrofits, allowing for custom designs that suit applications in plants that are currently unprotected or where traditional rotary UPS solutions require replacement. Because the energy storage is kept at low voltage levels, a wide range of energy storage options are available from traditional lead acid batteries to super capacitors and lithium ion batteries.