Emerson Network Power’s ASCO® Group G Microprocessor Controller is designed to transform power control for mid-range transfer switches. It satisfies growing demand for “smarter” power transfer switches that enhance onsite power system reliability and help optimize efficient operation. It is standard in mid-range ASCO Series 300 Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS). ASCO Controllers from Emerson Network Power

The ASCO Group G Controller is self contained, no other components are required for efficient operation. It accommodates open or delayed transition transfer operation in both automatic and non automatic configurations. Multiple-source sensing capabilities encompass voltage, frequency, including under frequency sensing on normal and emergency sources, optional current card, and single and 3-phase sensing, which does not require an external metering device.

Other features include an intuitive and easy-to-navigate 128*64 integrated graphical LCD display with a soft keypad and six LED indicators that provide broader capabilities and options than 4 x 20 controllers. Capabilities also include current measurement, ATS status and time delays, and event logging. A multi-lingual user interface for configuration and monitoring allows greater application flexibility.