Polargy, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of Frost-Byte raised floor fan tiles, enhancing Polargy’s data center airflow management solutions.

With a redundant matrix of high performance DC fans and real-time temperature and pressure sensors, Frost-Byte tiles automatically vary cold air delivery to maintain a temperature setpoint as conditions in the aisle change, as they inevitably do.

Savvy data center operators know that dynamic airflow management protects against runaway thermal conditions and helps deliver the energy efficiency gains promised by aisle containment. If IT equipment temperatures rise or a computer room air-conditioner (CRAC) fails, Frost-Byte automatically adjusts cold air delivery to compensate and maintain thermal safety.

“With the addition of the Frost-Byte smart fan tile, we offer customers peace-of-mind that comes with dynamic airflow management,” said Cary Frame, CEO of Polargy. “Our industry is evolving, and while everyone understands the importance of containment, operators are now increasingly integrating active airflow management for improved safety and even greater energy savings.”

Polargy has found that by coupling Frost-Byte fan tiles with cold aisle containment, customers have been able to further reduce the number of Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units that run continuously while increasing cooling redundancy. Frost-Byte tiles are also ideal for cooling an individual high density (10-12 kW) cabinet deployed among lower density cabinets.