vXchnge has announced its expansion into Philadelphia with the planned construction of a state-of-the-art data center at 1500 Spring Garden Street.  The Company has begun construction, and expects the data center will be operational by mid 2015.  vXchnge’s Philadelphia data center is part of the Company’s strategy to create “Built for Performance” data centers in 15 markets to address “distance to customer” or “localization” issues for the cloud and service providers that fuel the digital economy.

“Our Philadelphia vXchnge facility will provide a marketplace for local and global companies that require a robust data center that serves the Philadelphia metro area,” stated Keith Olsen, CEO, vXchnge.  “To support the global and emerging brands in this marketplace, vXchnge is building a 70,000 square-foot data center that will facilitate technology deployments requiring high-density infrastructure with multiple network and service providers.”

Philadelphia is the third densest city in US, with high demand for data center services. By overcoming the physical and technological limitations of many existing legacy data centers and the buildings where they are housed, the vXchnge facility will give customers the freedom and performance of their own Micro Data Centersm..

In addition to its newest data center location in Philadelphia, vXchnge operates in four other US markets on the east and west coasts.  vXchnge’s geographically-dispersed network of hardened and energy-efficient data centers are engineered for performance, meeting the most stringent compliance requirements for technology, financial services, health care, and other industries.