Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has announced that Kevin Mistele joined the company on June 1, 2014 as vice president of marketing, a newly created position within the company.

Mistele oversees the product management, marketing, and product development functions with focus on supporting the growing demand and increased product development needs of the company’s customers and the market in general. He will also manage the company’s growth and increased market penetration in the data center and enterprise markets.

He brings nearly 25 years of extensive experience in the enterprise and data center markets in areas including business strategy, product management, technology road mapping, strategic marketing, operations, and logistics. Mistele will use these skills to refine and direct the execution of Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s marketing and business growth objectives and to achieve in the data center and enterprise segments the similar industry leading recognition that the company holds in the telecommunications market.

“Kevin provides our company with strong data center and enterprise network expertise. He will drive both our continued expansion in the markets and customer bases we currently serve, as well as define and execute those segments and customer bases that we need to penetrate more deeply,” comments Fred McDuffee, president and CEO at Sumitomo Electric Lightwave. “His command of the markets, segments, and technology, as well as his strong customer-focus, provides our company with yet another competitive advantage in offering customers the most advanced technologies, industry first innovations, and leading edge solutions in the achievement of their respective network visions.“

When asked about Sumitomo Electric Lightwave and its position in the market, Mistele stated, “As a member company of the Sumitomo Electric Group, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave can provide a wide array of technologies and product solutions to data center and enterprise network customers, adding value like few of our competitors are able.” He further commented that resources, new products, solutions, and technological capabilities have been added by the company in direct support of its customers. These additions, coupled with the continued expansion of the company’s sales channels, will enable Sumitomo Electric Lightwave to accelerate the broadening of its market footprint and growth of business in the enterprise and data center markets.

The company’s new ISO 17025 certified 4th Level Lab, the latest addition to Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s product development capabilities and R&D facilities, is a prime example of the company’s commitment to continuous innovation. This state of the art lab offers OBR connector analysis, Encircled Flux (EF) compliant measurement, and environmental testing, among numerous other capabilities, to ensure that data center and enterprise product innovations meet or exceed industry standards for quality and reliability. The technologies and capabilities of this lab are focused on offering customers the most technologically advanced solutions to meet their ever evolving needs.