Future Facilities North America (Future Facilities NA) hasannounced that it has become a Contributor Member of  The Green Grid, a non-profit global consortium dedicated to driving resource efficiency in data centers and IT. In its new role, Future Facilities will share its own leadership in resource efficient IT through computer modeling of the data center.

Future Facilities provides the understanding and answers needed to tackle the risks and complex inefficiencies that are inherent to data center operations. The Green Grid exists to promote research on resource efficiency in IT and data centers, and Future Facilities’ membership will allow the company to bring its expertise and scientific approaches to The Green Grid’s community for greater and greener initiatives within the IT and data center industries.

“As a global authority on resource efficient information technology and data centers, The Green Grid strongly believes that investing in energy efficient IT contributes to bottom-line results for businesses,” said John Pflueger, member of the Board of Directors of The Green Grid. “By joining The Green Grid, Future Facilities is helping provide both developers and end users of data center technology with a holistic business approach to achieving energy efficiency and sustainability across the entire business computing ecosystem.”

“We are delighted to join The Green Grid and support its dedication to resource efficient information technology and data centers.  We see a need to move the industry beyond best practices that are siloed and ineffective at ensuring data center performance.” said Sherman Ikemoto, director of Future Facilities. “We look forward to working with The Green Grid to improve current operational practices and develop data center modeling to overcome performance issues.”

Future Facilities recently presented on a Next Generation Data Center Performance Dashboard called the ACE Metric (data center Availability, Capacity, and Efficiency) at AFCOM Data Center World in Las Vegas and Uptime Symposium in Santa Clara, CA.