Interoute has announced it has expanded the available hosting space in its Paris data centre to 800 square meters. Interoute's Paris data centre is directly connected by the company's 60,000 km fibre optic network to Interoute's other 10 data centres and eight Virtual Data Centres across the world.  Interoute's data centres are also connected to 31 colocation facilities and an additional 140 partner owned data centres forming a massive network of distributed data centres across Europe, USA, and Asia.

Matthew Finnie, CTO of Interoute, commented, "We have added 400 square meters to our dedicated managed hosting area in our Paris data centre, giving us a total of 800 square meters of available space. This gives us 200 terabytes of storage capacity and the ability to manage 150 new racks. Our facility in Paris is connected to all our data centres via our Parisian MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) which is connected to our 20 other metropolitan networks across Europe, which also allows us to connect to any partner carrier hotels. Plus we have local language teams across Europe ready to serve our customers, which is a real asset."

Interoute is one of the companies leading the cloud computing evolution and its managed hosting customers have access to Interoute Virtual Data Centre a global Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution that provides them with scalable, on demand computing flexibility. With just a few clicks they can add virtual servers and cloud infrastructure in minutes. Among the hosted clients in the Paris data centre are Les Fromageries Bel, Anatole, Voyages SNCF, Photobox, DDB who've been trusting their data and applications to Interoute for many years.

The Paris data centre is PCI-DSS certified, guaranteeing the security of electronic payments, and ISO 27001. Physical Security is in place 24/7 and forty cameras monitor both the external perimeter and the rooms inside the data centre. The resilient design for electrical power includes dual power production rooms geographically separated to give added protection. The cooling system consists of air conditioning with independent direct expansion, each with its own means of condensation which eliminates any risk of losing an entire server room.

Interoute's data centre in Aubervilliers, Paris is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2014.