Cologix, a network-neutral interconnection and data center company, continues to attract new networks to its Jacksonville, FL, data center, reinforcing the growing importance of the market on the international network map. Building on recent additions, including Telia Sonera and Comcast, Cologix has announced that Allied Fiber has established a point-of-presence (PoP) within Cologix’s Meet-Me-Room.

Allied Fiber, the United States' first open-access, network-neutral colocation and dark-fiber superstructure, recently announced that its 360-mile, 528-fiber-count Southeast Florida segment is officially Ready for Service (RFS). The first segment connects the NAP of the Americas in Miami to Cologix’s Jacksonville data center and Meet-Me-Room (JAX 1) in the 421 West Church St. carrier hotel. The segment brings to market Allied Fiber’s promise to reduce barriers to long-haul network expansion by creating a network-neutral, dark-fiber infrastructure available to carriers, nontraditional network operators, and enterprises.

Cologix operates a robust data center and the Meet-Me-Room in Jacksonville’s most network-dense building, facilitating connections at the intersection of metro, long-haul and subsea fiber routes. In addition to accessing Allied Fiber’s dark-fiber segment, Cologix’s customers can interconnect with more than 20 networks.

“A core element of Allied Fiber’s network philosophy is to connect to important network-neutral data centers in carrier hotels,” explained Jason Cohen, chief operating officer, Allied Fiber. “Cologix’s facility and Meet-Me-Room in 421 W. Church St. was an obvious location for our network to reach new customers and network routes. We share Cologix’s vision that Jacksonville is poised to become an international interconnection point, and we are happy to be working with them.”

The combination of new subsea cables and reduced barriers to extend networks create viable alternatives that are less expensive and risky than the traditional paradigm for connecting to South America. “Allied Fiber has advanced a bold idea to a reality from Miami to Jacksonville. We are happy to welcome them to the interconnection community in Jacksonville’s Meet-Me-Room,” said Jay Newman, chief sales officer, Cologix. “The promise of a redundant network path to and from South America is now within reach for a larger set of networks and content providers.”