Eaton has announced an agreement to deliver power distribution and power quality solutions to ROOT Data Center’s new state-of-the-art, Tier 3 colocation facility in Montreal, Canada. ROOT Data Center, a next-generation data center colocation provider, selected Eaton to help lower the cost of operation and enhance energy efficiency at its facility. Eaton will provide its Power Xpert 9395 uninterruptible power system (UPS) and Remote Power Panel (RPP) to help ROOT Data Center reduce utility costs and allow it to extend costs savings to customers.

With Eaton’s solutions, ROOT Data Center is aiming to become the first colocation facility in the Montreal region to deploy a highly efficient, high-density 415/240-volt power management platform.

“We carefully considered a number of power solutions providers for our next-generation data center facility and found that Eaton stood out amongst the competitors, offering an extremely versatile product line combined with premium service capabilities,” said Jason van Gaal, chief executive officer, ROOT Data Center. “Eaton’s large local presence and responsive delivery services will assist ROOT Data Center in maximizing reliability and scalability to meet customer needs, while also playing a key role in our ability to maintain uptime per customer service-level agreements and position us as an industry pricing leader.”

Eaton’s RPP power distribution solutions are designed to deliver 30 kilowatt (kW)of power to each rack within ROOT Data Center’s colocation facility. The Eaton configuration is engineered to help reduce power distribution costs by more than 20% and improve data center efficiency by as much as 10% over other local colocation providers. ROOT Data Center also found value in Eaton’s corrective and preventive maintenance service offering to help keep its mission-critical business up-and-running.

“When aggressively targeting high efficiency in a colocation facility, you need advanced power distribution and management solutions that can adapt to customer needs,” said Umesh Patel, general manager, Eaton Power Quality Division, Canada. “Eaton’s solutions align with a state-of-the-art facility like ROOT Data Center to help establish itself as an industry leader with advanced service features for enhanced efficiency, reliability and modularity.”

ROOT Data Center will deploy Eaton’s 9395 UPS to provide backup power and scalable runtimes to support growing customer needs. The 9395 can operate at 99% efficiency, featuring an advanced touch screen and capabilities designed to achieve power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.2. The 9395 utilizes Eaton’s ground-breaking Energy Saver System (ESS), a part of its Energy Advantage Architecture which provides capabilities for information technology (IT) and facility managers to maximize the performance of their UPS.