Online Tech is close to completing the development of a major data center in Metro Detroit. It will provide pivotal support to companies leading the rebirth of Detroit’s economy. The 34,000-sq-ft data center in Westland, MI, will deliver critical infrastructure for Detroit-area businesses driving the city’s economic renaissance. It officially opens August 1, and data center tours are now available upon request.

The new Westland data center gives Metro Detroit companies an enterprise class choice for IT infrastructure. It also meets the security and compliance demands of the businesses driving Detroit’s remarkable recovery. “Detroit’s potential is immense. Our new data center brings crucial technology infrastructure to a city with an economic engine that is beginning to rumble. Data centers are the indispensable infrastructure for today’s U.S. companies in the same way that large factories were in the 20th century and railroads were in the 19th century,” said Yan Ness, co-CEO of Online Tech.

The Metro Detroit data center is one of five in Online Tech’s growing portfolio of Midwest data centers. This includes the recently announced Indianapolis data center.

“Everyone in Michigan knows the exciting story that is emerging, but Detroit has been under the radar nationally,” said Mike Klein, co-CEO of Online Tech. “With smart people like Dan Gilbert making major investments in a wide range of local technology businesses, there is now a vibrant community of startups in Detroit that rivals anywhere in the country.

“Companies in healthcare, e-commerce and financial services need data centers designed to support the increasingly complex balance of technical, compliance and security demands. That is where our secure, compliant data centers come in. Designed specifically for these types of businesses, our Metro Detroit data center will give them a boost as they shift growth into higher gears, said Klein.”

Like its other data centers, Metro Detroit will maintain Online Tech’s commitment to secure and compliant hosting with independent compliance verifications and audits, including HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and Safe Harbor.

When the Indianapolis, Indiana, data center opens, there will be more than 300 miles between Online Tech’s data centers. This will allow the company to meet the needs of businesses that require major geographic separation between sites for disaster recovery and back up services.

“This project brings a world-class data center to Metro Detroit that immediately makes the city better prepared for the 21st century economy,” said John Watts, president of Carlson, the project’s respected general contractor with global experience working on advanced data centers. “It will be a major growth engine for the region.”