Commissioning has existed as a discipline of the building construction industry for nearly three decades.

Yet, the commissioning industry is continually evolving and commissioning activities are still being defined by practitioners and industry organizations. Despite widely available standards, there is still considerable difference of opinion as to the definition of commissioning and the processes involved.

As a result, commissioning is generally misunderstood and some of the most valuable commissioning processes are underutilized. In the data center world, commissioning is a relatively new concept. Data center owners have even less of a clear picture of the purpose and value of this important process. Many owners lack an understanding of how, when, and why commissioning should be implemented as a part of the design/build of a new system

or process.

The purpose of this white paper is to clearly define commissioning and its application in the data center environment.


Commissioning Your Data Center for Greater Availability, Safety and Efficiency While Reducing Costs Throughout the Life Cycle