Power Assure®, Inc. has unveiled Application Performance Monitoring in EM/5, its next generation monitoring solution featuring certified integration with ServiceNow. EM/5 is a massively scalable, true multi-tenant, hosted data center monitoring solution. It brings real-time and historical IT, facilities, and now application metrics into the ServiceNow environment, tracking key application performance indicators such as response time, throughput and transaction counts, enabling businesses to track all tiers of the application environment.

Power Assure EM/5’s new Application Performance Monitoring capabilities offer great insight by helping identify issues across the application stack, allowing correlation of application and device metrics with business events, expediting MTTR (mean-time-to-resolution).

“Tracking application performance, particularly of customer facing systems, has become vitally important for companies across virtually all industry sectors,” said Pete Malcolm, president and CEO, Power Assure. “By providing it as an integral part of our EM/5 solution, ServiceNow customers can now view and analyze IT, facilities and application metrics all in one place, making root cause analysis and rectification of problems much faster, and in many cases, before they are noticeable by users.”

Armed with real-time metrics from IT and facilities as well as the newly added application performance data, IT managers will be better able to provision resources to support their enterprise applications which will ultimately drive greater revenue and profits, thus making ROI in EM/5 even bigger.

In addition to the new Application Performance Monitoring capabilities, EM/5’s certified integration with ServiceNow offers tremendous ease-of-use, metric aggregation, alerting, mobility and navigation. New key Application Performance Monitoring features include:

  • Response time – the average time taken to fulfill user requests has a direct impact on user satisfaction. Slow applications frustrate users and lead to lower revenues. With EM/5, extended response times are immediately identified and can be correlated with IT metrics such as CPU utilization.
  • Transaction throughput – the rate at which transactions such as Web hits, purchases or other events are occurring and in conjunction with response time can identify faults in back-end components such as databases. Trend analysis allows capacity planning and forecasting.
  • Total transactions – an absolute metric allowing activity analysis over any time period. For example, simply highlighting a graphed time period will immediately show the number of transactions that occurred.