Future Facilities has announced the release of a report by 451 Research on the ACE (Availability, Capacity, Efficiency) scoreand how this metric can be used to assess the performance and quantify the risk of design and operational decisions.

In the report titled, “Future Facilities says ‘ACE it’ to assess the real impact of datacenter changes,” Andy Lawrence, research vice president for Datacenter Technologies (DCT) & Eco-Efficient IT at 451 Research, discusses the ACE score, developed by Future Facilities. ACE was created to assess and visualize the three critical indicators of a data center’s performance. The report by 451 Research explores the place of ACE among other industry metrics, like PUE, examines the merit of ACE at the business level for facilities, and discusses how the score allows both technical and business managers to understand the effect of different decisions.

According to the report, “The key to ACE is that it enables managers to see how their data centers are scored against three important parameters (which are often competing) in terms of design goals or impact: availability, capacity and efficiency… its adoption may encourage wider use of models to simulate and improve datacenter performance.”

“ACE can help managers gain relatively quick and accurate insight into the status and performance of their data centers,” said Andy Lawrence, analyst at 451 Research. “ACE, as now outlined by Future Facilities, could be used in a very practical way to make data center decisions.”

“We are delighted to see ACE featured by 451 Research,” said Sherman Ikemoto, director, Future Facilities North America. “The data center is meant to be a flexible IT platform to support the business. But, operational flexibility comes at a cost. For the first time, operators can quantify this cost with ACE, and do so predictively. ACE helps operators avoid mistakes and enable better business level decision making. Before ACE, operators were in the dark about the risks being incurred within their data centers”

To read the full 451 Research report, visit https://451research.com/report-short?entityId=81230.