Purkay Labs has announced new capabilities for AUDIT-BUDDY™, a cost-effective portable tool that measures temperature and humidity without touching the server. With Purkay Labs’ AUDIT-MATE V2.0 PC program, users can now upload data collected by AUDIT-BUDDY directly into the PC without the need for a USB drive.

AUDIT-BUDDY is a portable tool that captures both real-time and long term scans of the data center environment, without the need for any infrastructure modifications or downtime. AUDIT-MATE 2.0 is a complimentary PC program that gives users an alternative means to pre-configure the AUDIT-BUDDY™ settings and upload AUDIT-BUDDY data. This new update complements Purkay Labs’ recently released three-step “Optimize Your Data Center” package, which helps users to quickly pinpoint, diagnose and fix airflow issues on a rack-by-rack basis.

“AUDIT-MATE 2.0 was designed for customers who might have concerns using USB flash drives in their Data Centers” said Indra Purkayastha, CEO of Purkay Labs. “Users can still transfer data to Excel using USB sticks for quick analysis. This new program allows our customers the option to pre-configure their Audit-Buddies before entering the data hall, and upload the collected data straight to their PC after for further analysis.