FalconStor Software®, Inc. has announced product updates to its migration, continuity, and protection-recovery solutions. Major highlights include additional migration support for service providers and cloud-ready data centers, new encryption at rest technology, and 195% improved data recovery speed compared to the previous version.

Service providers and cloud-ready environments can leverage the benefits of FalconStor technology installed on the latest blade platforms from Dell, while utilizing faster Xeon processors and Qlogic converged network adapters for a smaller data center footprint. This update allows customers and service providers to deploy FalconStor solutions in a consolidated, optimized, and cloud-ready data center.

“The biggest challenge many organizations face when adopting cloud is migrating their data from its existing location to the new infrastructure. We’re focused on expanding our technology capabilities and partners to enable more users to adopt private clouds,” said Gary Quinn, president and CEO, FalconStor. “FalconStor leverages a component of its optimized data services, Intelligent Abstraction, which enables data to move from an existing storage device onto a cloud infrastructure seamlessly and transparently to the customer.”

As part of the deduplication solution update, FalconStor has introduced new encryption at rest technology to provide the highest level of security for data protection. For environments that have strict security requirements or are required to comply with government regulations, this technology provides the ability to encrypt all data being sent to virtual tape. Data is deduplicated and encrypted as it is stored on disk. FalconStor’s encryption at rest offering will be provided free of charge, and is available for all new installations.

“We’re committed to consistently updating products with features and functionality that our customer base requires. For organizations with highly sensitive data, especially the federal government, this feature ensures compliance with regulatory and industry security requirements,” added Quinn.

Additional product updates:

  • Restore speeds of up to 16TB/hr, a 195% improvement compared to the previous version, helping avoid costly downtime.
  • Database and application support list expanded to include Windows 2012R2, Hyper-V 201R2 Clusters, and SQL Server 2014 database.
  • New functionality that allows users to choose which storage and protection features participate in the stretch cluster configuration; reducing the storage and implementation costs of providing high availability for applications and servers.
  • Snapshot groups can now create simultaneous snapshots of up to 256 virtual devices, to increase the volume of data that can be protected simultaneously, reduce the number of backup jobs, and further reduce recovery times.
  • Improved management and reporting capabilities for FalconStor Protection-Recovery: including new performance monitoring, disk usage reports, and multi-select features. Users can monitor the load and performance of ports, LUNs, devices, and snapshots, in either real-time or historical views, right from the centralized administration console.

The deduplication console now provides full support for the Chinese language.

“All of these upgrades contribute to our mission of providing customers freedom. Adding to our supported technology list gives customers the peace of mind to update technology without the fear of lock-in or lack of support. Reduced recovery times, expanded reporting, and simpler management all contribute to giving our customers the freedom to manage their data how they want,” concluded Quinn.