Polargy, Inc. has released the PolarPlex P2 Swing Door, an economical containment door designed to mount easily to any floor and rack arrangement.

The P2 Swing Door’s flexible design accommodates most data center installation scenarios.  Side and top flange pieces are included for mounting to racks, walls, or Unistrut infrastructure.  The mounting flange width matches standard Unistrut pieces, ensuring that installations fit tight and look clean.  The sides of the P2 Swing Door’s vertical support posts have threaded self-clinching nut (“PEM® nut”) inserts sized for Unistrut brackets, creating additional mounting options for data centers with obstructions below the main footpad holes.Doors from Polargy

The tube-steel frame of the P2 Swing Door is sturdy yet lightweight and fits in standard 42U racks and 48 in. aisles. The door’s inserts are twin-wall polycarbonate panels that let light through, and FM Global approved inserts are also available.