The ASCO® 5140 Connectivity Module redefines high performance, on-site power monitoring and control in real time for an embedded device. The module is designed to offer particularly high utility for small on-site systems with a single gen-set and power transfer switch that lack an external power monitoring and control infrastructure. Facility personnel can monitor a small power system entirely with this single, advanced module.

A sophisticated embedded webpage in the ASCO 5140 shows aggregated, real-time data on content-rich summary and monitoring screens. Monitoring capabilities provide information on power transfer and generator data, voltage and frequency, event logging, time delays, statistics and activities, alarms and email notifications configured to the facility’s server email network, and a range of optional features. An energy consumption and power demand summary is available with the optional ASCO 5210 Power Meter.mc0514-products-emersonasco-300.jpg

The ASCO 5140 is platform independent, enabling users to connect to it via HTTP and from anywhere, from a variety of web-enabled mobile devices, including cell phones, tablets, and pads. All that’s needed is a browser. No additional plug ins or software are required and personnel can use their own organization’s ISP, WiFi, cellular, or other Internet access. There are no monthly fees or charges. Additionally, interfacing with other remote monitoring systems is easy using Modbus or SNMP Protocol over standard Category 5 Ethernet cable.