Canara has been recognized in Gartner’s 2014 “Cool Vendors in Data Center Infrastructure Management, Power and Cooling” Report.* Canara’s groundbreaking backup power systems management and predictive analytics enable organizations to avoid disastrous backup failures that lead to downtime while also dramatically improving power system performance and reducing operating expenses.

“Gartner’s annual ‘Cool Vendor’ reports have a remarkable track record of identifying companies whose innovative technologies are poised to have a transformative impact on their industries. We believe Canara’s solutions for proactive, predictive analytics of backup power systems are definitely a game changer for the data center industry,” said Mike Brinck, founder and president of Canara.

Brinck added: “In the data center world, maximizing uptime and controlling costs associated with power and power systems are top priorities for everyone responsible for this mission critical IT infrastructure. Backup battery systems have a major impact on the ability to achieve both of those priorities since battery system failures are major contributors to data center downtime and because these backup power systems are costly when not effectively managed. Canara has solved both of those challenges with the first and only solution that enables organizations to conduct predictive analytics and proactive management that eliminates backup power failures and extends the life of these costly assets.”

*Gartner “Cool Vendors in Data Center Infrastructure Management, Power and Cooling, 2014” by Henrique Cecci, David J. Cappuccio, Jay E. Pultz, Bettina Tratz-Ryan, Federico De Silva and Rakesh Kumar, April 25, 2014.