Internap Network Services Corporation has announced that its downtown Atlanta data center has received ENERGY STARcertification, a program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to identify ways in which energy efficiency can be measured, documented and implemented in data centers. Following a 12-month process of recording energy savings at the facility, the achievement marks the first and only ENERGY STAR certification of a public data center in the city of Atlanta. 

The ENERGY STAR specification requires the use of energy-efficient power supplies and reporting on power consumption and savings. Internap's Atlanta data center utilizes capacity optimization methods, adaptive active cooling and other sustainable practices to reduce its overall energy consumption levels.

Internap expanded its Atlanta data center in 2013 to address the growing demand for high-performance data center services in the metro area. Built atop one of the most stable power grids in the country, Internap's Atlanta data center features high-density colocation and managed hosting services — with support for power draws of up to 18kW per rack. Internap's infrastructure services are enhanced by the company's global Performance IP connectivity and Content Delivery Network, which leverage patented Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO) technology to deliver traffic over the fastest Internet path more than 99% of the time and ensure consistently high performance, reliability and low latency. 

Based on ENERGY STAR benchmark measurements, Internap's Atlanta data center is significantly more efficient than the national average for data centers. For example, Internap achieved:

  • 1.8 times the national average for data centers with an ENERGY STAR overall efficiency performance rating of 89.
  • 17.2% below the national average of energy intensity – the amount of energy the data center consumes.
  • 17% below the national average of greenhouse gas emissions – based on an analysis of the data center's power consumption, utility provider and the power plant.

"As energy use continues to escalate in data centers, it is becoming increasingly important to identify ways to drive power consumption efficiencies," said Randy Ortiz, vice president of data center design and engineering for Internap. "The ENERGY STAR certification reflects our commitment to advanced, sustainable data center design and operations, not only in Atlanta, but across our data center footprint."

Underscoring Internap's continued focus on green design and energy efficiency, the company's Atlanta data center was also the first in Georgia to achieve Green Globescertification, a green building guidance and assessment program that helps commercial building owners advance environmental performance and sustainability through a rigourous assessment and comprehensive site visit and evaluation by an independent, third-party evaluator. Beyond Atlanta, Internap is committed to the highest levels of energy efficiency and sustainability across its company-controlled data center footprint, with a mix of LEED, Green Globes and ENERGY STAR certifications at its facilities in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Santa Clara.