ParStreamhas announced a strategic partnership with global Business Intelligence (BI) vendor, Yellowfin.

Yellowfin has certified its market-leading, easy-to-use BI solution on ParStream’s relational database, which is based on its patented High Performance Compressed Index (HPCI) technology. HPCI is a bitmapping structure that allows data to be analyzed in its compressed state, skipping the decompression – and often time resource-consuming – stage of analytics. The partnership means ParStream and Yellowfin will be offered as a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for big data analytics.

The alliance will enable organizations to process massive amounts of stored and streaming data, in structured and semi-structured formats, in real-time. This data can then be delivered throughout the enterprise in the form of highly intuitive visualizations to empower decision-makers with timely, fact-based actionable intelligence. Users are now able to achieve greater ROI on their data assets.

“The partnership with Yellowfin underscores our commitment to bring to market the most robust analytics platform to support businesses of all sizes with their big data initiatives. With Yellowfin’s BI as a virtualized platform, Fast Data – simultaneous analysis of historical and live, streaming data – can now be accessed, monitored, visualized, and utilized with ease. As vast amounts of raw data can be hard to understand and contextualize, Yellowfin’s ability to make that information highly understandable and actionable – with its intuitive dashboards, collaborative BI features, and mobile applications – is critical,” said Michael Hummel, CEO and co-founder at ParStream.

“This partnership will help make crucial insights, derived from big data analytics, available to businesses and decision-makers of any discipline. Yellowfin’s consumer-oriented approach to reporting and analytics, combined with ParStream’s HPCI technology and low infrastructure requirements, enables us to deliver a world-class big data analytics platform that’s financially and technologically accessible to everyone. Together, ParStream and Yellowfin make pervasive real-time analytics on big data achievable for organizations of all sizes,” said Glen Rabie Yellowfin CEO and co-founder.