AFORE Solutions, Inc. has announced that CloudLink® SecureVSA has been EMC® VSPEX™ Labs Validated for VSPEX Proven Infrastructure providing the market with a tested and validated solution designed to segregate and secure sensitive data in multi-tenant virtualized and cloud environments.

CloudLink provides a software defined storage encryption layer between virtualized applications and physical storage arrays. By decoupling data encryption from the physical storage, customers can secure sensitive data without the IT cost and complexity of changing their underlying infrastructure or having to modify their applications. The simple-to-deploy solution enables granular encryption on a per-application, per-department or per-operating unit basis providing multi-tenant data separation and key control in an efficient, cost effective manner.

As organizations consider private cloud to reduce cost and improve business agility, they not only face daunting architecture challenges but struggle with how to secure data in this shared, multi-tenant infrastructure. "EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure is designed for flexibility and validated to ensure interoperability enabling customers to quickly and confidently deploy cloud infrastructure" said Gil Shneorson, Vice President and General Manager VSPEX at EMC Corporation. "AFORE CloudLink provides a proven data security solution that is designed to protect multi-tenant customer data in a very simple, flexible approach that can adapt as business needs evolve."

"As organizations consolidate their IT infrastructure to private cloud models, data security becomes a top concern and the combination of VSPEX and CloudLink meets a critical customer need and will help accelerate the movement to private clouds" said Scott Morin, vice president of sales and business development at AFORE. "Our goal with this program is to deliver an encryption foundation that enables enterprises to build out their private cloud with confidence and ensure that they have the scale, support and flexibility required to extend into public cloud in the future."

Avnet Technology Solutions, a leading IT solutions distributor for EMC, sees AFORE CloudLink addressing a key customer need related to cloud computing. "Data encryption is a compelling solution to mitigate risk, comply with regulatory requirements and ensure multi-tenant data separation," said Greg Peterson, Vice President and General Manager for the EMC Solutions group, Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas. "Our partners need a solution for their customers that provides security for data at rest and data in flight, while also supporting business requirements such as cloud computing, HIPAA, and PCI. AFORE CloudLink addresses both types of partner requirements in a single EMC® VSPEX™ Labs Validated solution that is simple to deploy and puts encryption key control in the hands of the data owner rather than a centralized IT department."