On the heels of last year’s North American fiber expansion in November, which added 18,400 km to its global backbone, TSIC continues its network build out in the region, which now spans over 24,000 kilometers of fiber. Recent additions include the Dallas metro network as well as an additional Point of Presence (PoP) in Washington, D.C. 

“Like every expansion we do, the rationale for extending our North American footprint is quite simple – our customers rely on us for high- performance connectivity so that they can meet ever increasing end-user demands for access to everything, anywhere, anytime,” said Brendan Ives, president of TeliaSonera International Carrier.

Extended network reach and increased diversity were also the reason behind the February addition of a PoP in Boca Raton, FL. Along with TSIC’s existing PoPs in Miami and Jacksonville, Latin American customers now have a third way to connect to TSIC’s global backbone.And with the upcoming Olympics and FIFA World Cup in Brazil, this benefits a global audience.