Global Property Advisor, CBRE, has published a white paper titled, “At the End of the Day – It’s Lost Capacity” as a roadmap to a fully deployed data center.

The white paper highlights the efforts Futures Facilities made when CBRE asked the company to help save energy at the EMEA data center headquarters for a global banking organization.

Future Facilities used its pioneering ACE Datacenter Performance Assessment — made possible by its 6SigmaDC software tool — to highlight the potential for energy savings and to show CBRE how to recover lost capacity.

Crucially, by creating a Virtual Facility (VF) model in Future Facilites’ software suite of each hall, improvements were tested before implementation without risking the availability of the 6,000 IT assets. That allowed the company to give its client: 

  • Energy savings: $1.15M per year for a single data center totaling 22,000 sqft
  • Recovery of lost IT loading capacity: CBRE estimates 350 kW
  • Total capacity recovered: $8.75 Million 

By the time the improvements were finished, Future Facilities not only saved vast sums of capital, but had also delivered a previously unheard of level of operational flexibility in those two data halls.

Download the CBRE Case Study here  to learn about the transformation and understand why true predictive modeling is a “must have" for any data center owner-operator, and also  the limitations of why this client could not rely on its DCIM to get these type of operational returns.