Upsite Technologies, Inc. has released a new containment solution, AisleLok Modular Containment.

This addition to Upsite’s AisleLok line gives data center managers an elegant Airflow Management (AFM) solution that has the core benefits of containment and aisle separation, but with greater flexibility and attractive price value. This modular solution was developed using the twenty years of Upsite’s airflow expertise combined with select onsite deployment driving the product design. The solution installs in minutes, can be quickly and easily reconfigured to new aisles as the data center evolves, and provides immense airflow benefits through core aisle containment design.

The two main components of the AisleLok Modular Containment are the Rack Top Baffle and the Bi-Directional Doors, with an optional row gap filler. The Rack Top Baffle can be purchased in either a 30° angle (from horizontal) position, or in a vertical 90° angle (from horizontal) position. Both components attach directly to the racks. The open-sealing design ensures fire safety, and its elegant appearance brings professional aesthetic to the facility.

“Highly flexible and easy to install, AisleLok introduces a new generation of redeployable containment to the market,” said Peter Crook, CEO of Upsite Technologies. “AisleLok Modular Containment offers data centers effective aisle containment and separation at an attractive price.”