Siemens has announced that it has joined the HP AllianceONE Partner Program, which will help provide a joint solution which combines HP Converged Management Consulting Services (CMCS) and Siemens’ Datacenter Clarity LC™ DCIM to reduce complexity for clients.

Today’s approach to data center management is fragmented, with owners relying on multiple providers of disparate management systems, forcing owners to integrate these systems, resulting in longer implementation time and complex system maintenance. Siemens is working with HP to directly address this issue by delivering a converged data center and IT management platform for customers.

“Partnering with HP compliments Siemens’ Datacenter Clarity LC™ DCIM offering, allowing us to provide our clients holistic management consulting and integrated IT and facility solutions, resulting in reduced risk and cost for their business,” said John Kovach, Siemens global head of Data Centers.

With the HP and Siemens solution, a single engagement can provide a complete solution from conceptualization to full utilization. This simplifies the process and provides a quicker route to complete utilization and expected ROI.

“Many organizations lack the proper planning and service management alignment needed to make the most of DCIM’s benefits,” said Rick Einhorn, vice president, Technology Services, Datacenter Consulting, HP. “HP Converged Management Consulting Services help customers capitalize on Siemens’ DCIM solution, Datacenter Clarity LC™ by delivering expertise in ITSM, IT infrastructure, and facilities, as well as a framework to connect goals, systems and processes with a top DCIM platform."