FalconStor Software®, Inc. has launched a global rebranding campaign, “The Power to Be Free.” The campaign demonstrates how FalconStor’s platform-agnostic technology gives customers and partners the freedom to choose the right storage for their needs without the burden of vendor lock-in. The new FalconStor brand is the culmination of a comprehensive corporate restructuring with a new management team, flexible purchasing options, and a strong product roadmap.

“FalconStor technology enables customers and partners to be free. We give them the freedom to migrate, optimize, recover and provide continuity for the heterogeneous storage portfolios which many customers possess today,” said Gary Quinn, president and CEO, FalconStor. “We allow cloud providers to incorporate disparate storage platforms into their infrastructure offerings while the deployment is occurring. We allow customers and partners to use technology that is right for them, whether that is today’s ‘spindle technology,’ emerging storage ‘flash and SSD’ or historical ‘tape solutions’ to meet their SLAs with their customers.”

As part of the rebranding, FalconStor has launched a new website that displays a vibrant new corporate look. Shades of dark red replace FalconStor’s former navy blue brand color. The new website also demonstrates FalconStor’s customer centric model and messaging to market its technology based on customer need, instead of on technology specifications and performance. FalconStor solutions are showcased under four segments: Migration, Continuity, Recovery, and Optimization. Visitors will find an array of useful customer testimonials, videos, and industry spotlights focused on health care, government, financial services, educationand manufacturing.

FalconStor will also be rolling out its new look with a print and digital ad campaign featuring famous champions of freedom, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill. The ads feature images of these prominent figures along with their inspiring quotes, including Gandhi’s “Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life.” Viewers are encouraged to use the Twitter hashtag #befree as part of the campaign with any topics or comments related to freedom.

“The Power to Be Free branding campaign brings a fresh, one-of-a-kind approach to promoting data management solutions, which we believe solidifies FalconStor’s positive momentum within the industry. We are passionate about this campaign, and have already seen its positive effects internally and with customers and partners across the globe,” continued Quinn.

“Most importantly, we hope these images and stories inspire our clients to free themselves from the stress of worrying about data loss, downtime, managing multiple products, and how to best control the never-ending data sprawl. FalconStor is fully focused on seizing this opportunity by redefining our company and the solutions we offer. By the end of the year, our customers will have a simple, single, integrated platform for all of their data management needs; freeing them even further to run their businesses.”

In rolling out the new website, and the branding, messaging and advertising campaigns, FalconStor worked with several agencies including; JEMC, Engagelogic, Underscore Marketing, EPOCH 5 Public Relations and Greenstone Marketing.