Purkay Labs has announced the release of three-step Optimize Your Data Center package developed for comprehensive analysis of a facility’s airflow management status.   

Purkay Labs is exhibiting AUDIT-BUDDY™ and the Optimize package at Data Center World in booth, #1229. AUDIT-BUDDY™ is a portable tool that captures both real-time and long term scans of the data center environment, without the need for any infrastructure modifications or downtime.  With its unique patent-pending fan system that draws air directly into the unit, AUDIT-BUDDY is able to quantify the exact temperature of air streams. 

 The three-step “Optimize Your Data Center” package allows users quickly to pinpoint, diagnose, and fix airflow issues. Step 1 uses AUDIT-BUDDY™’s QuickScan mode to take 20 second scans of the aisle to baseline the facility with Thermal Contour Maps to isolate problem areas. Step 2 uses the LongScan mode to confirm or deny the extent of the problem over time. Step 3 uses two AUDIT-BUDDY™ systems to get targeted metrics to diagnose the amount of cold air waste and address airflow problems. The Optimize Package offer includes two AUDIT-BUDDY™ systems, Base Excel Macro, the recently released Contour Map Macro, and Delta T Macro.

“Data Center engineers can now diagnose why there are hot spots or an overcooled data hall, and what to do about it” said Indra Purkayastha, CEO of Purkay Labs. “This is the complete package for the data center engineer to measure, validate and diagnose each aisle without calling in outside help. The package takes the guesswork out of managing airflow so the Data Center can be run in an energy efficient manner, guided by metrics from this tool.”

Purkay Labs recently released their Contour Map Macro that lets users create real-time, real data contour maps directly in Excel. They have also welcomed Jim Cook of Connecting Technologies as their East Coast Manufacturer’s Representative as demand for AUDIT-BUDDY continues to climb.