Rosendin Electric has announced the move of its San Francisco regional office to new and expanded quarters in San Francisco’s Bayview District. The new location offers more office space as well as added warehouse/manufacturing space for prefabrication of electrical systems. Rosendin Electric officially opens the new office April 28.

Rosendin Electric’s San Francisco operations have continued to grow with the city’s recent economic recovery. Three years ago Rosendin Electric had 80 employees headquartered in San Francisco; today the office houses more than 300 personnel. The new space is 16,000 sq ft, twice as large as the previous location, and has room for additional staff growth. Added amenities include dedicated off-street parking, additional warehouse space for equipment storage and pre-fab assembly, and accommodation for shipping, receiving, and service dispatch.

“Growing pains are a good problem to have, and to make room for growth we have decided to move our San Francisco operation to larger quarters,” said Rick Shandrew, senior vice president of Rosendin Electric. “Construction in the city is booming, and our business is booming along with it. We are currently working on four local hospitals, new office buildings and high-rise residential construction. With our new, expanded office location, we will be in an even better position to support more San Francisco customers and projects.”