Schneider Electric has introduced the second generation of the InRow RC as the latest addition to the InRow product line, expanding Schneider Electric’s cooling portfolio to meet the evolving cooling needs of an ever-changing data center environment.

This second generation release introduces two new models that significantly improve cooling efficiency by reducing power consumption while also increasing capacity. The high temperature model, designed for optimal heat removal, leverages warmer water temperatures and outdoor ambient air temperatures to increase chiller efficiency, thus maximizing the hours of economization.

“With the second generation of the InRow RC, we have taken another step in the evolution of our cooling offerings,” said Anne-Marie Gignac, vice president, cooling, IT Business, Schneider Electric. “This product provides superior efficiency to help customers drive down ever-increasing operating costs.”

Part of the Schneider Electric InfraStruxure suite of solutions and created for high density applications, InRow RC reduces the distance between the heat source and heat removal, eliminating the mixture of hot and cold air streams, therefore improving overall cooling predictability. The solution also features variable speed fans that reduce energy consumption during off-peak cooling periods or when the data center is partially loaded. This decreases data center energy consumption to match the demand of the heat load, significantly impacting the overall operating costs of the data center.

With a user-friendly design, the InRow RC features an intuitive, 4.3-in. color touch screen display to provide fast, easy access to data. Additional key features include:

  • Increased Cooling Capacity: Up to 40 kW (136,000 BTUH) and 1510 lps (3200 CFM) max airflow with conditions at 7.2°C (45°F) EWT, 49°C (120°F) RAT, 6.6°C (12°F) dT for the ACRC301S (Standard Temp). Up to 60 kW (205,000 BTUH) and 1982 lps (4200 CFM) max airflow with conditions at 12.8°C (55°F) EWT, 49°C (120°F) RAT, 6.6°C (12°F) dT for the ACRC301H (High Temp).
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: 1.0 kW at maximum operating condition for ACRC301S (standard temp) and 1.9 kW at maximum operating condition for the ACRC301H (high temp).
  • Condensate Management System: Ensures coil temperatures remain above the dewpoint by preventing condensation, a process achieved by recirculating coil water; compatible with the ACRC301H unit.
  • Intelligent Controls: Monitors and actively adjusts cooling capacity to ensure proper server inlet temperatures. The microprocessor controller provides visibility into the operation and status of the unit.
  • Compatibility: The InRow RC is compatible with EcoAisle™ and Active Flow Controller.