Emulex Corporation has announced it has joined the OpenPOWER Foundation, which seeks to create an open ecosystem, using the IBM POWER architecture to serve the evolving needs of customers.

“The POWER architecture delivers incredible scalability for emerging Web-scale data centers which require robust computing platforms to support the growing number of connected devices and the demand for hybrid cloud services. We look forward to collaborating with IBM and member companies to spur innovation in the POWER ecosystem,” said Shaun Walsh, senior vice president of marketing and corporate development, Emulex. “Emulex is a leading provider of I/O connectivity solutions for IBM POWER platforms and joining the OpenPOWER Foundation enables Emulex to further improve the functionality and value of the POWER platform, especially as the transition to Gen 5 Fibre Channel and 40Gb Ethernet solutions occurs.”

The OpenPOWER Foundation:

  • Opens the POWER architecture to give the industry the ability to innovate across the full hardware and software stack
  • Drives an expansion of enterprise-class hardware and software stack for the data center
  • Builds a complete ecosystem to provide customers with the flexibility to build servers best suited to the POWER architecture

"Emulex's membership in the OpenPOWER Foundation will further the Foundation's ability to achieve its mission," said Brad McCredie, president, OpenPOWER Foundation. “Given Emulex's decades-long experience in delivering high-performance network connectivity on POWER platforms, we are looking forward to this partnership creating new, innovative solutions for enterprise and emerging Web-scale data centers.”