NDSL has announced the availability of Cellwatch 4.1. Adding to the significant functionality of Cellwatch 4.0 introduced in March 2013, this newest release delivers even greater functionality to improve battery monitoring.

Cellwatch is the industry’s most comprehensive battery monitoring solution available, and with its expanded software and support for new component offerings, Cellwatch 4.1 enables customers of any size to manage their battery assets faster, with greater confidence and assurance of uptime.

Updates in Cellwatch 4.1 include:

  • Enhanced Thermal Runaway Monitoring: The updated thermal runaway prevention feature is a cost-effective and powerful solution to detect, warn and prevent thermal runaway. When a thermal runaway condition is detected, multiple alarm indicators are triggered – on screen, via email/text, audible alarms and illuminated LEDs on the thermal runaway controller (TRC). Cellwatch provides advanced notification so issues can be addressed without putting mission critical loads at risk. Designed to meet IFC 608.3, Cellwatch will isolate batteries from the UPS if thermal runaway conditions are detected but not resolved.
  • String Voltage Alarm: Cellwatch 4.1 adds increased protection against under or overcharging batteries. Users can set alarm thresholds and are immediately notified if voltage exceeds an allowable limit. With the string voltage alarm, users will know they are charging their batteries appropriately. This is a complementary feature for thermal runaway protection since overcharging is often a contributing factor in causing thermal runaway conditions to occur.
  • Email Alert Alarm Notifications: Instant notification is a valuable factor to preventing outages caused by battery issues. With the new email alert function users will instantly know when a battery issue is occurring, allowing them to take appropriate action and make battery decisions quickly. Each email sent includes details about site location, battery, string, date, time and type of alarm event: voltage, ohmic value, current, thermal runaway, discharge.

Cellwatch 4.1 is designed to operate on Windows 7 Embedded OS iBMUs.