Purkay Labs has announced new capabilities for AUDIT-BUDDY™, a cost effective, portable tool that measures temperature and humidity without touching the server. With Purkay Labs’ Contour Map Excel Macro, users can now use AUDIT-BUDDY’s QuickScan mode, which takes 20 second scans at three different heights of the server rack, to generate real-time temperature, humidity or dew-point contour maps.

AUDIT-BUDDY captures both real-time and long term scans of the data center environment.  This Macro lets users download QuickScan data directly into Excel and generate the contour map of an entire aisle. Users can baseline the whole facility, generating thermal maps of each aisle. Potential areas of concern detected may be assessed using AUDIT-BUDDY's LongScan mode and Purkay Labs’ Server Delta-T measurement technology, to diagnose and correct the root cause of the problem, which is usually airflow related.

These Contour Map capabilities offer Owner Operators an accurate visual baseline of how their facility is running on an aisle-by-aisle basis. Colocation Facilities or Consulting Firms can generate contour maps to justify thermal characteristics to their clients before a hand-off, or to re-validate work. 

"This development is highly beneficial for users who need to quickly characterize aisles,” said Indra Purkayastha, CEO of Purkay Labs. “With the Contour Map Macro, engineers can get a real-time CFD of the aisle with actual data immediately after measurement on their own PC. They no longer need to depend on a simulation which can become suspect as site configurations change."

Purkay Labs offers a demonstration version of the Contour Map Macro as well as a limited time trial package at no cost for interested users to evaluate the capability prior to purchase.

Purkay Labs recently welcomed Jim Cook as their East Coast Manufacturer’s Representative to meet customer demand for AUDIT-BUDDY. They will also be exhibiting AUDIT-BUDDY in action at Data Center World, booth #1229, April 28 – May 2.