Kevin Meagher, chief executive officer and chief technology officer for Power Analytics Corporation, spoke to attendees of Enterprise Ireland’s Datacentre Tech Showcase recently to share how the company brings critical real-time integration of data sources to a data center. Enterprise Ireland, the government organization responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets, sponsored the event as a way to share technology from a select group of U.S. companies with experience in building, managing and operating data centers.

“There are many limitations of the current data center infrastructure management space and Power Analytics has developed resources to offer the market a solution,” said Meagher. “Through our partnership with Automsoft, the technology enhances the management of power, servers and the hot spots on the raised floor of a data center – the physical space in the data center or “white space.”

The management of assets in the white space is what Power Analytics defines as White Space Management (WSM). Power Analytics WSM solution leverages existing data in the RPPs, server racks and heat sensors in the racks to present a unique visualization of the data in real time enabling  data center managers to see and share in real time critical values such as kwH, breaker status, server status and hot spots in the data center. The result is allocation of power costs, if desired, the ability to visualize key assets and their status without having to walk around the data center to get real time information about the white space.

“Automsoft was glad to be part of the Enterprise Ireland event, showcasing leading suppliers in the emerging Ireland data center market,” said Páraic O'Toole, chief executive officer for Automsoft. “We are proud to partner with Power Analytics to deliver best-in-class solutions for mission critical power systems that leverage the Automsoft data historian and Power Analytics Paladin WSM visualization software for the data center white space.”