The M+W Group (Stuttgart/Germany) has received the German Data Center Prize 2014 for its modular data center concept. The company won first place in the category visionary data center architecture. A total of 54 companies competed for the prize that was awarded in ten categories. Stephan Lang, Head of the IT and Telecommunications business of the subsidiary M+W Germany, picked up the award during a gala event in Frankfurt.

In contrast with data centers set up along conventional lines, the award-winning concept relies on a modular construction with building modules that have already been prefabricated. That shortens the construction time and reduces the costs. The mechanical room is located on one side of the building, while a perimeter aisle offers space for security zones. Electricity can be supplied via gas-powered fuel cells independent of the main power supply.

To improve energy efficiency, M+W Group relies on an innovative fan tower for cooling of the data centers. The fan-tower principle reduces pressure losses, so that the energy required by the recirculating air handling units is considerably reduced. This principle is flexible and does not require a raised floor in the data center, althoughit  can also be combined with a raised floor. The fan tower also enables a multiple-storey construction, reducing the need for floor space and investment costs.

"We are very pleased about this award," M+W Group CEO, Dr. Olaf Berlien comments about the award. Berlien goes on to say: "It encourages us to invest consistently in developing innovative, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for our customers."