Equinix, Inc. has announced that Portware LLC has selected Equinix's New York International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center (NY5) to provide capacity and scalability support for its leading trading platform. The New York data center deployment and a planned expansion into an Equinix data center in Chicago (CH1) provide Portware with an enhanced disaster recovery strategy, capacity and scalability support for its customers, as well as the ability to expand into Europe and Asia.

"The efficiency and cost benefits of deploying in the cloud are a main reason why the overwhelming majority of new Portware clients, as well as several existing clients, have chosen our cloud deployment model over the past 18 months. Portware continues to invest to ensure our clients enjoy optimal performance, reliability and flexibility in any Portware deployment. Equinix serves as a trusted partner that helps us deliver a globally consistent level of quality and service, and ensure we continue to offer our clients the most powerful, globally available and innovative trading solution on the market," said Vincent Aniello, global head of infrastructure, Portware.

Portware enables trading desks across the world to navigate a highly complex execution landscape. Portware clients include tier-1 institutional asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds and broker dealers who manage more than $6 trillion of trading volume. For this reason, Equinix's globally dispersed network of data centers, capacity and scalability were imperative to Portware when choosing a data center provider.

As Portware operates its own cloud, a key component to meeting its customer requirements is Equinix's ability to handle critical infrastructure on the cloud. Through Equinix's secure cross connects, Portware can ensure its customers benefit from low latency, extra reliability and outstanding network performance for the cloud-based applications and mission-critical transactions vital to their success.

Upon expanding to Equinix's Chicago data center, Portware will have expanded disaster recovery capabilities in case either New York or Chicago becomes unavailable.