ForeScout Technologies, Inc. has announced the release of a new e-book titled, “Definitive Guide™ to Next-generation Network Access Control.” The 84-page resource provides security practitioners with key capabilities, implementation considerations, use cases and operational advice for network access control (NAC) and details on how modern NAC platforms can be applied by IT organizations to achieve continuous monitoring and mitigation.

The “Definitive Guide to Next-generation Network Access Control” chapters include:

  • Fundamentals of network access control– understand how NAC works, how it has evolved and how organizations leverage it
  • Exploring next-gen NAC technology – discover key capabilities of next-gen NAC solutions
  • Extensive deployment considerations– processes, technologies and techniques
  • Achieving endpoint visibility and security– attain extensive network visibility and close endpoint security gaps
  • Regulating access and enabling BYOD– control access for employees, guests and contractors and secure BYOD devices
  • Mitigating advanced threats– preempt and fortify defenses against modern-day attacks
  • Aiding compliance with continuous monitoring and mitigation– fortify compliance with PCI, HIPAA, CSC, FISMA and more

Authored by Steve Piper (CISSP), an experienced information security author, consultant, analyst and speaker with more than 20 years of IT experience, this e-book provides an in-depth examination of next-gen NAC and how IT organizations can successfully reduce endpoint security risks while enabling BYOD initiatives, mitigating advanced threats and optimizing security resources and investments.

“Defending our infrastructure from cyberthreats is a never-ending battle. With so much emphasis placed on blocking threats, we sometimes forget that another necessary way to manage security risks is to reduce our networks’ attack surface – the available security exposure that can be exploited,” said Piper, co-founder and CEO of CyberEdge group. “Network Access Control has risen to new heights and has now become one of the faster-growing segments of the information security industry. This book provides the essential what, why and how’s of next-gen NAC.”

“We are pleased to sponsor this book, which serves as a pragmatic resource that demystifies next-gen NAC, provides a concise overview of NAC inner workings and offers guidance and use cases that best illustrate pertinent drivers, functionality and advanced capabilities,” said Scott Gordon, chief marketing officer at ForeScout.

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