Polargy, Inc. has announced that its patent application for PolarPlex™ Suspended Panel System (SPS) received U.S. Patent & Trademark Office approval on April 1, 2014.

PolarPlex SPS, a ceiling-suspended aisle containment solution, is designed with an innovative quick-connect channel system that holds SPS panels perfectly straight and secure while also allowing quick and easy removal. Lightweight ceiling-suspended SPS panels offer functional and aesthetic advantages over vinyl curtains yet are competitively priced. PolarPlex SPS provides better thermal sealing, simpler installation, and a cleaner appearance than curtain containment.

For overhead applications, PolarPlexSPS is rack-independent, supported by the ceiling rather than server cabinets, enablingcabinetsto be moved in and out without affecting the containment system. In containment environments built with Polargy’s Overhead Prefabricated System or Floor Mounted Infrastructure, full-length SPS panels can fill gaps between racks or completely isolate the aisle duringcommissioning.

 “PolarPlex SPS has filled a product gap in data center containment for at least the past year and we’re delighted to receive patent approval for this invention,” said Cary Frame, CEO of Polargy. “The novel SPS channel design means these panels hang straight and strong for optimal airflow management, but can be installed and removed quickly and easily without tools. PolarPlex SPS has raised the bar on hot- and cold-aisle containment solutions.”

Polargy recently announced a major update to its website www.polargy.com which now features CAD, BIM, and SketchUp design files for Polargy containment solutions. These freely downloadable design files help data center architects and engineers quickly evaluate and spec Polargy’s containment solutions for new construction and retrofit projects.