CoreSite Realty Corporation has announced that PlaceIQ has chosen CoreSite’s New York campus for its data center solution. CoreSite’s NY1 and NY2 facilities will provide infrastructure for PlaceIQ to process location and mobile data analytics, which create the foundation that powers PlaceIQ’s proprietary platform and diverse applications at massive scale.

PlaceIQ derives intelligence from activities across time, space, and devices to uncover opportunities to learn about and connect with consumers. CoreSite’s NY1 facility will deliver network connectivity and robust power and cooling infrastructure to support the PlaceIQ platform. CoreSite’s NY2 facility will provide backup and additional capacity needed to support PlaceIQ’s growth as the company plans to expand with the introduction of a consumer insights platform later this year.

“When selecting a data center partner, we wanted a company that could scale with us,” said Michael Imbruce, head of infrastructure at PlaceIQ. “The PlaceIQ platform is a key differentiator for our company and is advancing the state of the art of high-resolution geospatial consumer analytics. We’re processing petabytes of data each week, while also continuing to expand our infrastructure at a rapid rate. The flexibility our partnership with CoreSite provides is essential to the success of our clients and our business.”

CoreSite’s NY1 facility provides 50,000 square feet of high power-density solutions in the heart of one of the most network-dense markets in the world. NY1 is tethered via dark fiber to CoreSite’s NY2 data center, located in Secaucus, N.J., creating one of the most powerful low-latency campuses on the East Coast.

“PlaceIQ is widely recognized as an innovator in consumer insights through location and mobile intelligence, and their track record of rapid growth is a testament to that fact,” said Brian Warren, senior vice president of product and marketing at CoreSite. “Through its expanding deployment, PlaceIQ is adding to the big-data technologies in our NY data center campus, and we are pleased to serve as their partner.”