Accudata Systems (ASI) has announced a new partnership with Nutanix, a provider of next-generation infrastructure solutions. Accudata will deliver architectural design, integration, and support for the award-winning Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform, an extensible appliance-based server with built-in enterprise storage that optimizes any virtual machine. Hyper-efficient and massively scalable, Nutanix simplifies enterprise data centers by eliminating the complexity of legacy storage systems, and increases server and storage capacity one node at a time with linear scale-out architecture.

"Accudata has seen an increasing customer need to shift data center focus from sizing conversations to workloads and the business requirements tied to them," said Vid Sista, Accudata practice director, Data Center & Security. "The agility, flexibility, and simplicity of the cost-effective Nutanix converged infrastructure will allow our customers to focus on features, functionality, and security concerns… all the things they need to meet their business objectives."

According to recent research by Gartner, Inc., in 2016, 82% of server workloads will be running in virtual environments.* Nutanix helps simplify the transition to modern virtualized environments as the trend for integrated systems and software-defined storage continues to accelerate and evolve.

"Accudata will be instrumental in helping Nutanix work closely with its customers and introducing Nutanix to new opportunities following the company's growth," said Rick Schulman, Nutanix Vice President of Sales U.S. Central. "Accudata's integrated approach to the IT environment allows storage/compute to be added as needed, reducing client risk and up-front costs."

In 2014, the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform received IDG's prestigious InfoWorld 2014 Technology of the Year award and Nutanix received a patent recognizing its optimal architecture for delivering scale-out storage services for any VM on any hypervisor.

*Source: Gartner "Best Practices in Storage for Server and Desktop Virtualization," Analyst Dave Russell, August 30, 2013.