AFL has updated its line of indoor/outdoor plenum distribution cables. Suitable for interbuilding campus network cabling, the NFPA 70 Article 770-compliant plenum cable supports installations where a transition from a traditional loose tube outside plant cable is problematic and cost prohibitive.Plenum Distribution Cables

Based on 900 µm tight buffered designs, AFL’s Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Cable family can be efficiently terminated in the field when using either mechanical or splice-on connectors. The outer jacket is moisture, fungus, and UV-resistant, making AFL’s Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Distribution Cable reliable for both outdoor and underground buried-duct applications.

The new Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Distribution Cable is suitable for spaces requiring plenum, riser, general purpose, and outside plant UL flame ratings. Available in single-mode and multimode, including Laser-Optimized 50 µm OM4, cables within the family are also available with options up to 24 fibers.