ROOT Data Center has announced that it has awarded Air Enterprises' KyotoCooling the contract for provisioning of the cooling systems for their next generation, Tier 3 colocation facility. This will be KyotoCooling's first deployment in the Montreal region, and 3rd in the province of Quebec after organizations such as Quebec Hydro and Bell Canada.

KyotoCooling revolutionizes the way data centers will be cooled now and into the future. The technology provides the ability to cool over 30kW/rack, reduces facility PUE to 1.2, and allows for the removal of raised floors in the data center which have long amplified server risk surrounding dust, debris and fire.

"Selecting KyotoCooling was a very simple business decision for ROOT. KyotoCooling can operate over 98% of the year on free cooling in Montreal, which will allow to us achieve a facility PUE of 1.2 or less" Said CEO Jason van Gaal "Operating a data center that is 50% more efficient than our nearest competitor provides us with a significant competitive advantage. As an added benefit, we also realized that KyotoCooling would allow us to fit 25% more racks into the same amount of space. The result is a cost of goods sold that is 40% less than any of our local competitors, savings that we pass on to our clients."

KyotoCooling was awarded the contract following a competitive process, conducted by data center design group Planus Corp, which reviewed numerous traditional and emerging cooling technology,

"We are excited to be on the forefront of the next generation data centers with ROOT as we help deliver significant capital and operational cost savings. We were impressed with the ROOT management team and the innovative approach they have taken to deliver the direct and indirect operational cost savings our product will yield for their customers. We are excited about the long term potential of ROOT and the opportunity to continue to work with them as a preferred partner" said Martin Ellis, CEO of Air Enterprises and Manufacturer of KyotoCooling in North America.