Servergy, Inc., has announced the company has joined IBM, Google, Mellanox, NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics, Tyan, and Suzhou PowerCore Technology Company in the OpenPOWER Foundation – an open development alliance that makes IBM's POWER microprocessor architecture available under license. Servergy will collaborate within the Foundation on opportunities leveraging Servergy’s clean and green technology on power architecture with scale-up and scale-out capability for Big Data, caching, streaming, cloud workload, and distributed storage application in data centers.

Servergy joins the OpenPOWER Foundation to help drive industry advancement of high-performance, clean and green Power Architecture in the data center. The company intends to extend its product line by developing future OpenPOWER-compliant systems based on IBM's POWER microprocessors, allowing new levels of performance and capability in Servergy's Cleantech Server class of clean and green Linux on Power System server products.

“We are proud to be an IBM Business Partner and to join the OpenPOWER Foundation,” said Bill Mapp, Servergy founder, chairman and CEO. “We believe that when people collaborate on the power and potential of open technology in exciting new ways, together we can help change our world. Working with the OpenPOWER Foundation, we’re excited about helping accelerate the velocity of Power architecture innovation."

Servergy’s initial product release in its new Cleantech Server line, the CTS-1000, delivers industry-leading performance-per-watt and extreme-I/O density — literally helping pay for itself. The new class of servers operates with power consumption of around 100 Watts at full load. In addition to reducing power, cooling, space, water, weight and carbon footprints by up to 90% or more, the new systems also have up to 16 times or more the I/O and compute density over traditional server technology. The U.S.-built servers weigh only nine pounds, with a footprint about the size of a legal pad, and pack two 10GbE and two 1GbE ports in each server.

“The collaborative development model of the OpenPOWER Foundation represents a major shift in the way processor technology can be exploited and innovated around for new buyers and markets,” said Doug Balog, general manager, IBM Power Systems. “OpenPOWER Foundation members, such as Servergy, can take the Power architecture and innovate on top of its unique design for emerging Big Data and cloud computing workloads.”