Oncam Technologies has announced the launch of its management platform, the OnVu360.

The OnVu360 Management Platform uses an innovative, cloud-based architecture that is simple to install and configure, and yet extremely adaptable. The power of the platform emanates from a small, pre-configured hardware gateway (or software on a local box, such a set-top box or console) and its connectivity to backend services. Once that connection is established, using fixed, wireless or even mobile (GSM), OnVu360 has the ability to leverage unlimited computing power on the backend in order to keep the hardware required onsite as lean as possible.

In addition, the OnVu360 Platform enables video recording and playback, analytics processing, user- and device-management, notifications, Web services for customized application development and the dynamic addition of new services, including those created by third-party suppliers using OnVu's application programming interface (API). The system requires very little setup because it was designed for plug-and-play functionality.

“We feel this is a disruptive breakthrough that combines the power of the cloud with all the technologies being devised around it,” said Adam Pineau, vice president of engineering and systems solutions with Oncam Technologies. “This is a serious management platform that provides users with a way to keep their eye on, and control of, operations — either onsite or remotely — while receiving key intelligence from any location in the world.”

Oncam Technologies is planning to release multiple “modules,” each expanding the platform's functionality to the benefit of specific applications and/or vertical markets, and leveraging Oncam's expertise with 360-degree-view cameras.

The first module will be dedicated to Business Intelligence and will include the gateway, 360-degree cameras and access to the cloud-service portal. Not only will this provide extensive business-, customer-, and personnel-intelligence capabilities, it will also create an infrastructure for the later addition of new modules as they are developed. “OnVu360 may also be added as a retrofit,” said Pineau. “For example, customers already using our Evolution range of cameras can take advantage of this technology as well, by installing an OnVu360 gateway alongside their existing digital or network video recorder system.”

There are a great many tools available for managing a business, but as features have proliferated so have system complexities, leaving users with integral tools that are overlooked and system’s potential underutilized.

With this new approach, simple updates to backend servers may be leveraged across all gateways to seamlessly offer new functionality and performance improvements, a task that would be very difficult if not impossible with an onsite, preconfigured hardware device. This is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach to business management. Each customer has different needs; each is able to manage the services and features they feel are critical. The customer gets, and more importantly pays, for only the services they require at that time, while always having the option to add new capabilities “on demand.” This is the true power of the OnVu360 system.

In terms of video and utilizing the award-winning 360-degree technology by Oncam Grandeye, an unlimited number of users can view the same stream simultaneously and look at different points of interest by controlling their own virtual views using a simple web browser or mobile interface (without regard for how many others are viewing the stream or what is being seen), providing real-time metrics and business intelligence about each location and, collectively, insight into the enterprise as a whole.

The OnVu360 Platform is initially being deployed in a number of multi-site retail applications. However, it lends itself to any environment where human interaction and customer experience are critical, such as the hospitality sector, event management, workspace optimization, education, healthcare, banking, gaming, and mobile policing/public surveillance.

Oncam Technologies is also working on modules that will introduce this technology to the general public and the home-automation arena. With applications such as alarm systems, automation of appliances and energy control, to name a few, the platform is the most effective way to enable, manage, and enhance any connected device,