The modern data center represents one of the most challenging management problems facing organizations as we head into an uneasy future of rising operational costs and increasing demand on IT infrastructure. Not only is there a diverse mix of equipment that must be managed as a single entity, the data center typically has two groups (facilities and IT) that need to work in concert to efficiently manage this dynamic operational environment.

According to the analysts covering real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) solutions, companies that use RtOI experience a significant improvement in MTBF and MTTR statistics based on getting the data they need exactly when they need it. These same analysts state that RtOI adopters are more likely to achieve operational success because these organizations have an open exchange of operational data across business functions.  In the data center, having a central repository of real-time data with mobile access by all personnel, Facilities and IT, can significantly improve service delivery, collaboration, and boost key performance indicators.

In the free white paper titled, "Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) for the Data Center," Modius provides a set of practical guidelines for identifying the features and functions needed to turn the big data generated by data centers into the operational intelligence required to make sound decisions for solving real-world problems for your organization.

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