Anord Critical Power, Inc. has announced its U.S. operations based in Richmond, VA, as well as the introduction of its AMS switchgear. The company recently tested and approved the switchgear to UL891 and will debut the innovative solution that is unique to the U.S. market due to the UL approved Form 4b Type 7 design, at Datacenter Dynamics Converged held March 11th in New York.

“AMS understands that space is a finite resource for data centers and every square foot consumed by facilities gear takes away from revenue-generating IT equipment,” said John Day, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Anord Critical Power, Inc. “To help U.S. data center operators better utilize their available space we are introducing the company’s AMS switchgear to the market and leveraging Datacenter Dynamics as our preferred showcase.”

Anord Critical Power is unique to the U.S. market, due to the Form 4b Type 7 design of AMS switchgear, which provides a compact, fully compartmentalized and robust switchgear product for mission critical applications.  The AMS switchgear allows data centers to invest in superior power system protection, system fault resilience and enhanced operator safety for their facilities. Anord AMS Switchgear designed, developed and manufactured by Anord Critical Power, offers unique features that include:

  • Independently tested to UL891
  • Availability in NEMA 1, 2, 3 & 3r enclosure types
  • Available with bus-bar systems rated up to 5000A 100 kA RMS
  • Independently seismically tested equivalent to seismic Zone 4
  • Ingress protection (IP) ratings are available from IP-31 to IP-54