Cloud Technology Partners™ has announced the general availability (GA) of PaaSLane™ 2.0, the first and only software solution that analyzes Java and .NET application source code to improve cloud readiness, and accelerates the migration of applications to public or private clouds.

PaaSLane 2.0 features innovations including: full .NET language support, with over 200 .NET-specific rules; a redesigned reporting interface, featuring live drill-down into alert detail along with interactive charting; and new options for exporting reports, a PDF summary report to share high-level application assessments as well as Excel-format detail reports with code-level data, able to be imported into issue trackers and agile development tools.

"In the past two years the use of public cloud for enterprise workloads has skyrocketed. Many enterprises are looking at what it will take to migrate mission critical applications from expensive datacenters to agile cloud environments, and this is where PaaSLane shines," said Ben Grubin, director of product management, Cloud Technology Partners. "However, the challenges of migrating existing apps to the cloud have led to many failed migrations, delays, or deployment of apps with significant code-level issues.  PaaSLane can tackle the assessment of existing Java and .NET apps with ease, quantifying factors such as coding errors, hardcoded dependencies, security, and scalability problems, along with several other factors could quickly derail a cloud project.  PaaSLane helps overcome these issues by leveraging source code inspection and a built-in cloud platform knowledgebase driven by extensive research to identify and resolve issues quickly, accelerating application migration and cloud optimization."

PaaSLane v2.0 enables its users to:

  • Rapidly assess applications for cloud readiness, identifying quick wins that can be migrated quickly, and prioritizing scarce resources
  • Accelerate cloud migrations and the development of cloud-native software
  • Continuously optimize applications for evolving cloud platforms by delivering real-time intelligence on changes which affect the application

"Foliage, a leading provider of product consulting and development services, leverages PaaSLane to accelerate our time to market for cloud-ready applications," said Deborah Mounts, Software Engineering Director at Foliage.  "PaaSLane has proven to be a valuable, time-saving addition to our toolset during consulting engagements.  We look forward to realizing similar productivity gains in our application development and migration processes, where PaaSLane can help us optimize our applications for constantly evolving cloud environments."

Recent IDC cloud research shows that spending on public IT cloud services is expected to be more than $107 billion in 2017. Over the 2013-2017 forecast period, public IT cloud services will have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.5%, five times that of the industry overall.  By 2017, IDC expects public IT cloud services will drive 17% of the IT product spending and nearly half of all growth across five technology categories: applications, system infrastructure software, platform as a service (PaaS), servers, and basic services.  (IDC, Worldwide and Regional Public IT Cloud Services 2013-2017 Forecast , Doc #242464, August 2013)

"For IDC, a prevailing question we are now hearing from clients is not whether to move applications to the public cloud, but what should be moved first," said Robert Mahowald, program vice president, SaaS and Cloud Services, IDC.  "The answer of course is not simple.  Migrating from existing on-premise platforms to a cloud-based platform has to be carefully planned to avoid additional complexity and risk, but it often can provide value to make it well worth the effort."  He continued, "Solutions like PaaSLane help automate the process and eliminate guesswork. They can also provide IT leaders with an objective measure of cloud "readiness" across application portfolios, and give the development team a roadmap to start fixing issues immediately." 

Cloud Technology Partners has published a webinar, "How to Rapidly Migrate Java and .NET Applications to the Cloud with PaaSLane 2.0" further discussing this announcement.  To view the webinar, please visit